These libraries provide support for the Companion Standard 101 (CS101) and 104 (CS104) of the IEC standard series for telecontrol applications (IEC 60870-5) and is mostly used for the communication between a central station (controlling station) and an outstation (controlled station) in electrical power systems.


.NET Source Code Library

The C# library allows to create a managed DLL component that can easily be deployed in .NET applications. It can be used to be integrated into GUI applications, SCADA systems, Embedded Devices, ...

  • Master/Slave implementation
  • Implemented all command, monitoring and parameter message types
  • Compatible with Microsoft .NET framework and Mono
  • Runs on Windows, Linux and other platforms supported by .NET and Mono
  • Very easy to use API

Compatible with .NET Framework 4 and Mono Tested on Windows and Linux systems

Standard C (C99) Source Code Library

The  C99 source code library allows a fast and cost efficient implementation of the IEC 60870-5-104 protocols into embedded devices and applications. The APIs are designed to be very easy to use and flexible. The library is written in C (C99 compliant to provide maximum portability). Due to its hardware and platform independent design it can easily deployed on any platform.

  • Master/Slave implementation
  • Souce code in C99
  • object-oriented design in pure C
  • Support for all message standard message types (M_XX, C_XX, P_XX)
  • Drivers for Linux/ucLinux, Windows, and MacOS/BSD
  • Tested on x86/x64, Coldfire, ARM, PowerPC, MIPS
  • field proven



Edition in standard C for use in embedded systems and applications. With its platform independent design it can run on many platforms.

Open source and Commercial License available

For our source code libraries we provide a dual-license model. You can freely use the library for testing, evaluation, educational purposes and open-source projects under the terms of the GPLv3 license. For commercial projects you can purchase an easy-to-use and affordable commercial license.

You can download the source code on our project homepage or on github.

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