The Inter Control Center Protocol (ICCP) with the official name TASE.2 is a protocol that was designed for the communication between control centers. It is specified in the IEC 60870-6 series (namely IEC 60870-6-503 and IEC 60870-6-802). Similar to IEC 61850, the protocol is a specification on top of the ISO 9506 (MMS) protocol but uses a slightly different feature set of MMS and a different data model.


  • Client and server implementation for the conformance blocks (CB) 1, 2, 4, and 5
    • Block 1 (Basic Functions and Periodic Power System Data)
    • Block 2 (Extended Data Set Condition Monitoring)
    • Block 4 (Information Messages)
    • Block 5 (Device Control)
  • Support for TLS (abstract interface to connect to different TLS implementations). Comes with a ready-to-go solution based on mbedtls
  • Information types
    • Indication points
    • Protection equipment
    • Devices (command and setpoints)
  • Support for dynamic data sets
  • DS transfer sets
  • IM transfer sets
  • Devices: select, operate, get/set tags
  • Access Control Lists based on Bilateral Tables
  • The library is written in portable C99 code
  • Portability is achieved by a platform abstraction layer (comes with implementations for Linux, MacOS, and Windows)
  • Source code available
  • .NET API (compatible with .NET Framework 4.0 or later, Mono, .NET core 2.0)

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